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My Garage Door Won’t Open

My Garage Door Won’t Open

Cars, tools, gym equipment, office space and workshops are just some of the vital things customers store in their garage and need access to day-in-day-out. We understand the immense frustration when your garage door won’t open, leaving you unable to get around or sometimes even work.

In this article, we’ll investigate some of the most common causes why your garage door won’t open, and share tips and advice on how to solve it.

Common Faults

    • Damaged Torsion Spring
    • Faulty Lock
    • Faulty Locking Mechanism
    • Jammed Doors/Runners

Damaged Torsion Spring

A common fault that will cause your garage door not to open is the torsion spring breaking or losing tension. This can be caused by wear and tear or a tension cable breaking.

The springs are what allow the garage door to feel so light, if the door has lost some or all of its lifting power then it will feel extremely heavy and hard to open. If the door is opened they have a tendency to slam shut with a lot of force, so be very careful.

If you were there when a spring broke or lost tension then you would definitely have heard it, they create a loud bang. Unfortunately, re-tensioning or replacing the springs and cables can be a dangerous and difficult job, and should definitely be left to the professional.

Garage door torsion springs can be under a huge about of force, so we always advise that work should only be carried out by professionals.

Faulty Lock

A faulty lock is the simplest reason for garage doors not opening, if the key won’t turn at all then the lock is most likely broken and will need replacing.

If you’re lucky enough to have a second point of access to your garage you’ll still likely be able to open the door from the inside, you’ll just have to manually disengage the locking points. Either way, you’ll need to contact an expert to replace the lock.

Broken Key From Garage Door Not Opening

If the key doesn’t unlock easily don’t force it as this will likely snap the key.

Faulty Locking Mechanism

If the garage will unlock, but the handle doesn’t move or doesn’t have its full movement, its likely that the locking mechanism is faulty or jammed. The best advice is not to force the handle, as this will most likely cause further damage.

You can try gently shaking the door whilst trying to turn the handle, this will sometimes allow the mechanism to disengage and open.

Similar to a faulty lock, if you have a second means of access, you can manually disengage the locks, and lubricate them to see if this fixes the problem. If the locking mechanism still isn’t working, you’ll need expert advice.

If the handle doesn’t rotate be sure not to force it too much.

Jammed Doors/Runners

To check for these faults you’ll need a second access door to the garage. Most of our customers’ garages are used primarily as storage space, which naturally means there is plenty of stuff to get in the way of the door opening.

Simple check that nothing is obstructing the garage door or the runners if it has them, if you spot anything very carefully remove it and try the door again

If the garage door has runners down each side, very carefully ensure nothing is obstructing the movement.

Garage Door Still won’t Open?

If you still can’t open your garage door its time to get professional help, we can offer a reliable and speedy service in Aylesbury and surrounding areas . Contact our friendly team today on 01923 751 270.