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Are Garage Doors Secure?

Are Garage Doors Secure?

Whether you use your garage for storage, for parking your car or as an additional living space, keeping it safe and secure starts with a tough and durable garage door. Over time, wear and tear can make a garage door more vulnerable to a break-in. So if your existing garage door is damaged, investing in a modern replacement is an effective way to ensure that your garage is protected. 

Here are three ways to keep your garage and its contents safe when choosing a new garage door for your property.

1. Look for robust materials

The quality and durability of a door depends on the material it is made from. Many modern garage doors are made from steel or glass reinforced plastic (GRP), both of which are hardwearing and long lasting materials. 

The UK climate means your garage door needs to be able to withstand all weathers too, so look for a door that is designed to resist damage from those elements. Choosing a door made from one of these tough materials will help ensure that your garage remains secure for many years to come.

2. Add a lock

Whichever design you choose, it’s important that your new garage door can be locked. Most new doors have locks built in. Keep your door locked whenever it’s not in use, as garages are well-known for containing valuable tools, equipment and vehicles – and can often be accessed from the street, making them more susceptible to a break-in without your knowledge.

If you don’t have the budget to invest in a brand new door, adding a better lock to your existing door is an affordable alternative that will instantly improve security.

3. Be security smart

Although modern garage doors are secure and tougher to tamper with, it’s still important to follow some basic security measures to keep your property safe. Working in the garden or washing the car? Keep your garage door closed and locked if it isn’t in use or you are out of sight. 

Inside the garage, ensure that any valuable items are stored out of view and don’t forget to include the contents of your garage in your home insurance policy.

If your garage has a window or your garage door is part-glazed, keep the glass covered to prevent potential thieves peeking in. For additional peace of mind, consider installing a security light above your garage as a deterrent to unwanted visitors.

Summerfield Garage Doors specialises in supplying and installing high quality garage doors to help keep your property secure, we cover areas from Watford to St Albans to Aylesbury. Get in touch to find out more about investing in a new door, or having your existing door repaired to ensure your garage and its contents are safe.